cease-and-desist order: "Abmahnung" in English?

You received a cease-and-desist order, in German "Abmahnung", and require help to handle the matter? Did you encounter diffculties to understand the letter or the remedies raised against you? You have no idea as what to do about the "Strafbewehrte Unterlassungs- und Verpflichtungserklärung", which is a declaration to cease-and-desist? 

We are able to provide help to you, and will perform a consultation in English as well. Just contact our lawyers via email or phone.

Sending these cease-and-desist letter is daily business for some law firms which are known for persecuting violations of the rights of the originators of movies or music. They demand omittance, damages and payment for their clients attorney's fees. With the letter you find a conception of  a legally binding declaration to cease-and-desist which normally is way to broad to be signed at stand. Furthermore these law firms demand settlement from the recipient. Amounts therefore can vary from € 250,00 to € 1.200,00 while the law firms state that there is no chance not to pay because of full responsibility of the telephone subscriber, which is "Anschlussinhaber".

Certainly the case is not easy for either side. We offer different strategies which depend on the records of each case and the personal willingness to take some risks. Most of our clients choose to provide a declaration to cease-and-desist to prevent summary proceedings but not to offer any payments. Arguments and probability to be sued on the missing payment are discussed in our consultation.

If you are interested in commissioning our law firm please call us at our office or send us your "Abmahnung" via email to get a first quick answer and the required documents. Even if time limits are short we can provide to you quick help and assistance to react to this cease-and-desist letter.